I switched over to Google Docs to keep track of the wrestling TV viewing habits that I’ve been publishing here for a few months. One of the advantages is that the Google spreadsheet makes it easy to publish the charts using the same links every week. That means after watching a program I can put in the new numbers, update the chart, and it will immediately appear on this blog without me having to do anything else. No more offline spreadsheet. No more uploading of image files, etc. No more modifying links to point to the new images.

The only downside so far is that the Google office app is pretty weak in the charting area. In fact to get them all using the same scale I had to artificially put in a trend line of 100% to force it to come out the same. Hopefully they’ll improve this over time.

Since it’s pretty easy to update them, I’ll be doing it several times a week rather than waiting until the end (or the end of the month like I used to do). Most likely I won’t post anything here when I do an update. You can just go to the TV Viewership page whenever you want to see the latest data.

If I add any new metrics, like the number of annoying poses Matt Morgan does per match, I’ll let you know.