Tag Team of the '90s

Tag Team of the ’90s

We were called “The Tag Team of the 90’s”. Unfortunately it was the 2000’s… And I think the team only lasted for one match before we split up. My (brief) tag team partner, often opponent, and training camp alumni, “Playboy” Pete Huge is having the last wrestling match of his career on Sat. April 30th at the American Legion in Chanhassen, MN. Bell time is 8pm, but if you’re not there before 6:30 you’re not getting in.

To add to the buildup to his retirement, I pulled the following from issue #111 (Mar 12th, 2000) of Tim Larson‘s Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletter:


Midwest Pro Wrestling/Wrestle America 2000
3/11/2000 Mound, MN

After the intermission, the recently vacated MPW/WA2000 tag belts were on the line as Cruel and Unusual (Big Daddy Hoofer and Ian Xavier) with Cynnamon faced Playboy Pete Huge and Dr. Darin Davis. First, Hoofer came out and said something about the crowd, saying it was Fridley. Then Playboy Pete came out and said: “Come on New Hope, let’s make some noise.” Announcer Mick Karch then announced that Huge and Davis are the tag team of the 90s. During the match, Pete hit a couple of nice spinning heel kicks. Also, Pete was funny as hell throughout the match including putting a bear hug on the much larger Xavier. Davis was hit by a chair shot from Xavier on the outside and rolled into the ring. Later, Davis was outside again and Cynnamon put the boots to him. Then he received a double biel throw by Cruel and Unusual. On a splash by Xavier, Pete called it “Air Willy.” Eventually, Huge took a hot tag and cleaned house. Then did a spot where Davis gave Hoofer a drop toe hold onto Pete’s feet. The finish came when Xavier gave Pete a stun gun and then they did their “Cruel Intentions” finisher. Xavier pinned Huge.

After the match,Pete said that the fans in Chanhassen didn’t like the ending and then Huge and Davis argued and ended up pushing.

Result: Cruel and Unusual beat Dr.Darin Davis & Pete Huge to win the Midwest Pro Wrestling/Wrestle America 2000 tag team titles.