Love the Glove
"Thank you, goodnight..."
- Dr. Darin Davis

Match History
[Lost the TV Title]
11/17/01Drej & McCoy (w/ Travis Sharpe)W
11/10/01Travis SharpeW
10/13/01Robby ThunderW
07/15/01High Rollers (w/ Scotty Z)
[Took a payoff and gave up the belts]
07/15/01Kenny Jay & Buck Zumhofe (w/ Scotty Z)
New FLWA Tag Champs
07/14/01HaterW (DQ)
07/03/01J.B. TraskL
06/16/01Lenny Lane (MIW Heavyweight Title Match)L
05/19/01J.B. Trask & Johnny Parks (w/ Primetime)Dbl. DQ
04/14/01Battle RoyalL
04/05/01(tag w/ Chi Town Thug) vs. Whakked (Hater & Zappa)L
03/07/01Scotty ZappaW
01/27/01Ian Xavier in WinnipegL
12/23/00Big Daddy Hoofer & Charlie Norris (tag w/ Morgan P.R.)W
12/16/00Big Daddy HooferL
11/25/00Cruel & Unusual (tag w/ Morgan P.R.)W
11/11/00Red LightningW
11/4/00Cruel & Unusual (tag w/ Morgan P.R.)W
10/7/00Ian Xavier & Scotty Z (3-way)L
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Dr. Darin's Stats
Weight225 lbs
OriginMayo Clinic- Rochester, MN
Finishing MoveProcto-Plex (fisherman suplex) No, my glove spot is not a finishing manuever-- it's a wear-down hold ;-)
Trainer(s)"Trainer of Champions" Ed Sharkey, along with Terry Fox.
Ed trained guys like the Road Warriors (Animal & Hawk), Rick Rude, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Bob Backlund, Barry Darsow, The Warlord, Red Tyler, Derrick Dukes, Ricky Rice...
First MatchOctober 4th, 1997 against the Masked Jungle Fighter
Character HistoryOct '97: Darin Davis (face)
Feb '98: "Dangerous" Darin Davis (heel)
Dec '98: Dr. Darin Davis (heel)
Jan '00 to present: Dr. Darin Davis (face)
OpponentsIncludes (in no particular order): Masked Jungle Fighter, Pakistani, Red Tyler, Rob Thunder, Mike Thunder, Metro, K-Train, Playboy Pete Huge, Ian Xavier, Big Daddy Hoofer, Mighty Angus, Smilin' Jack Daniels, Dr. Bob, Storm Wolf, Ruff Rod, Big Daddy Buddha, Constrictor, The Joker, Mikey Medallion, Mike Mercury, William Best, Chi-Town Thug, The Hater, Scotty Z, Ultimate Fighting Champion Brad Kohler, "Sodbuster" Kenny Jay, Dan Jesser, "Wild" Bill Irwin, Danny Dominion & Ace Steel (tag), Mitch Paradise, Steve Stardom, Lenny Lane, Thor Tyler, Helmut Von Strauss, Hellraiser Guts (Hellfire), Adrian Lynch, Morgan P.R., Mason Diggs, "City Slicker" Jake Ricker, Red Lightning, Charlie Norris (tag), J.B. Trask, "Livewire" Johnny Parks (tag), PrimeTime, Buck Zumhofe (tag), Drej, Travis Sharpe, McCoy Counterfeit (tag)
Title HistoryWon the MIW Television Title on 9/23/00 by defeating "City Slicker" Jake Ricker in the semis and Robby Thunder in the finals (defeated Playboy Pete Huge by DQ in the quarter-finals at the previous card)

Won the FLWA Tag Team Title w/ Scotty Z on 7/15/01 against the team of "Sodbuster" Kenny Jay and Buck "Rock 'n Roll" Zumhofe. Later that same day, we gave the belts to the High Rollers for the right price $$.

Lost the MIW Television Title to K-Train at the Main Event on 12/08/01