Wrestling News
1wrestling.com A great site for news on WWF, WCW, ECW, and independents. Home of the online version of the Daily Lariat by Dave Sherer. Contains columns from Bob Ryder and other wrestling journalists.
WHOO! Wrestling News on major promotions and independents. The best site for independent promotions. Includes the WHOO! Wrestler of the Week and the WHOO! Top 50, and tons of links in the Wrestling Resource.
WrestleLine News on WWF, WCW, ECW, and independents. Columns by Bill Apter, Blake Norton, Mark Madden, PWI's Steve Anderson, and others.
TWNP News Page Message board style news site. Up to date, but no fact checking


Wrestling Fan Sites
MinnesotaWrestling.com News on upcoming shows, results, a picture gallery, and also weekly columns from Chris Dady, "Slick" Mick Karch, Master Quinn, Jeff Sharkey, and Dale Spear. Be sure to sign up for the email discussion list.
Midwest Wrestling Online News and information, wrestler profiles, plus a message board that helps fill the void since the other board was taken off Minnesotawrestling.com
Wrestling Radio Run by "Capital City" Kyle, this site has RealAudio broadcasts and interviews with the biggest names in local and international wrestling.
Minnesota Wrestling Another good site, but it hasn't been updated since June of '99!.
Otto "Hack-Man" Heuer's Pro-Wrestling Page A lot of wrestling stuff here. Check out the rest of his site as well. It was voted to be in the top 1% of all web sites on the internet by webmasters.
MN Madness Lots of interviews of independent and national stars (including Dr. Darin Davis).
Taxi Bandit Incorporated Portal to the Taxi Bandit sites like the St. Paul Source and some of the official wrestler sites that I have listed individually below.
Simply Hardcore Wrestling Coverage of national and independent promotions from around the country. Includes an interview with Dr. Darin Davis.
MN/WI Wrestling Message Board A board for pro wrestlers and fans to discuss local shows.
Questions for the Pros Features interview of over 75 wrestlers (including me).
The Ring Post Wrestling news and columns
USA Independant Wrestling Biographies on wrestlers and federations, results and listings for all shows done in the US, and news from the independant scene.

Wrestling Promotions
Midwest Pro Wrestling (MPW) One of the best promotions in the Upper Midwest. They just opened a training facility headed by the legendary Eddie Sharkey.
Steel Domain Wrestling One of the best promotions in the Upper Midwest. They feature many of the great Minnesota wrestlers such as Ricky Rice, Scotty Z, Horace the Psychopath, The Hellraisers, Primetime, etc. They also bring in some of the best independent wrestlers from other parts of the country such as Danny Dominion, Ace Steel, CM Punk, Colt Cabana, and others. All around a well run promotion.
French Lake Wrestling Association (FLWA) All the top stars from the Midwest are here.
Minnesota Independent Wrestling (MIW) The best in Upper Midwest independent action. Includes talent from outside the Minnesota area.

Wrestlers, Valets, Etc.
Eddie Sharkey Trainer of Champions
Lenny Lane WCW and Midwest superstar
Playboy Pete Huge Homepage of the Playboy
Official Big Daddy Hoofer Website Home of Minnesota's only "Big Daddy"
Shawn Daivari Official site of Minnesota cruiserweight Shawn Daivari.
Chi-Town Thug The official website of the Thug
Travis Lee's Home Page Homepage of "Tasty" Travis Lee.
Horace The Psychopath Find out more about Horace.
Scotty Zappa The official website of Scotty Z.
"Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce Official website of Adam Pearce. Also includes info on the Steel Domain training camp in Chicago.
Adrian Lynch The "British Import" has his own site.
Red Lightning Always good for a "laugh"
"Classic" Colt Cabana Self proclaimed Midwest Wrestling "Superstar"
Alexis' World Hottest valet in the Upper Midwest
Cynnamon Official Miss Cynnamon website
The Official Frank Stool Homepage Upper Midwest referee (home of the "Stool Sample")
Book Me Brought to you by indy wrestler Nick "demented n" Sinagra. the place where the wrestlers can get/find work, or the promoters can find workers, or you can just promote a wrestling related business.
Wrestler Interviews Brought to you by indy wrestler Nick "demented n" Sinagra. Several indy stars and former WCW/WWF stars are interviewed here, including Dr. Darin Davis.
Kevin Klein's Foyer (not the actor) You might know him as referee Bob Boyer, or maybe as wrestler "Opera Man". Not a ton of wrestling stuff here (mostly links), but he's one of the guys in the biz.

Tape Trades
T3- Tracy's Tape Trading This is a great place to look for indie, Japanese, and other hard-to-find tapes. I can personally tell you that this guy is an honest trader. Check it out.

National Promotions

WCW Live Hosted by Jeremy Borash and Bob Ryder, with commentary from Dave Sherer, Mark Madden, and Chad Diamani
Wrestling Radio A great Twin Cities radio show that was cancelled in May after the radio station KSMM changed format. The show was hosted by Mick Karch and Jeremy Borash locally, with Dave Sherer and Bob Ryder joining in via phone. Archives of past shows can be found on this site and are definitely worth a listen.

Video Games (General)
Game FAQs (All systems)
Next Generation Online
Game Informer Online

Video Games (PC)
PC Gamer
Blues News More of an insider site. Game releases, developer interviews, etc.
Old Man Murray Game Reviews This one is usually pretty funny.

Video Games (Playstation)
Official Sony Playstation Site

Video Games (N64)
Official Nintendo Site I don't own one but thought I'd include the link for completeness.

Other Stuff
French Lake Auto Parts For all your auto and truck parts needs. "Junktown U.S.A." has been in business since 1956.
IGN For Men Videogame & movie reviews, "manly" tips, and the Babe of the Day (sorry, no nudity ;-).
Maxim Online Chicks & stuff. Occasional medical tips ;-)
Dead People Server Having an argument over a celebrity you think is dead, but no one else does? Settle it with the help of an up-to-date list of dead celebrities.