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Earlier this year, TNA decided to drop guys like Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams from their roster in order to free up some money to “get in some fresh faces”. Well, now we know where some of that money went.

On the 5/28/09 episode of TNA Impact on SpikeTV, we got to see the re- re- re-debut of Raven and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Great. I can’t think of two guys I care about less. Wait a minute… nope, can’t come up with anyone.

But hey, at least I knew who Raven was when I saw him. When Shane Douglas came down to the ring at the end of the Styles/Daniels match (below), I thought it was some reject from the Food Network. Who’s the fat guy dressed like a chef? I was going to upload his picture to enter the Guy Fieri look-alike contest. Looks like Shane’s been hitting a few too many Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Hey TNA suits- nice work, boys (and girl). Now go give yourselves a bonus for “changing the face of professional wrestling.”

Below are links to some wrestling-related blog entries & articles that I found interesting during the month of February 2009, with a special highlight at the end.

Okay, now for the “special highlight”. Let me start by saying that although I like a good comedy spot now and again, I really like the kind of match that makes me “believe”, regardless of the fact that I was actually in the business and know better.

However, I found the clip of the match below from the CHIKARA promotion very entertaining. Forget that it blows the “suspension of disbelief” clear out the window and into the next county, and just enjoy.

This was the Wrestling Video of the Week #3 at Project126 (they also have another video like it in their post), and what they mentioned there I’ll say again: the video itself has not been slowed down. It will take you a few seconds to realize this, but when you do you should get a kick out of it.

As I run across things, I’m also going to be adding them to my Delicious bookmarks page ( You can also find the last 10 of them on the right side of the page towards the bottom.

I could talk a little bit about how I thought that the WWE was making a mistake by releasing Bam Neely a few weeks ago. I could also talk about them releasing Scotty Goldman (Colt Cabana) last week. My opinion would not be based on what you saw on TV, it would be based on what I personally saw of their work on the independent scene several years ago, not what we all saw on WWE TV.

If you have two guys that are really good, and how good they are isn’t perfectly clear on your television screen, then I think most of the blame has to lie with the promotion. Enough said.

TNA recently made an even worse decision by deciding to release Petey Williams after he worked his ass off for five years with that company. Some reports said that TNA “wanted to get in some fresh faces” so they didn’t renew his contract. They say that while half of their roster has been recycled from the “good old days” with Steiner, Booker T, Sting, Foley, and Jarrett (I think Angle is still at the top of his game so I didn’t list him along with the others).

Project126 has both the emotional ending of his final TNA match (also shown below), and a tribute video as their “Wrestling Video of the Week #4“.

In addition to that, TNA could not come to contract terms with Sonjay Dutt, one of the other great cruiserweights and one of the reasons why I started watching this promotion in the first place. Not clear if he was making unreasonable demands or if management was being cheap (I’m assuming this is all over money and not time off), but I’ll assume that management is cheap.

With both of these guys gone, I’ve got two more reasons why my TNA viewership will most likely take a dive.