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Who's Who in the Upper Midwest

This list was compiled by Tim Larson of the Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletter. It's a list of about 250 people involved in the wrestling business in the Upper Midwest. You can look through the whole list, or use the search tool in the Menu bar to the left (which will actually search the entire site, including all of the UMWNs).

UMWN 1999 Year End Awards

UMWN readers voted on wrestlers in several different categories. The results of the poll can be seen here. Thanks for voting me one of the most improved wrestlers of the year.

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Updated Links [08/28/01]
Added a couple of links for a wrestling booking site and a wrestling interview site, both run by indy wrestler Nick "Demented N" Sinagra.

New FLWA Tag Team Champs [07/16/01]
After defending the MIW TV Title on Sat. against the Hater, I teamed up with Scotty Zappa on Sun. to win the FLWA Tag Team Championship from the team of Buck "Rock n' Roll" Zumhofe and "Sodbuster" Kenny Jay.

After winning the straps, Scotty announced that we would immediately defend the titles against the number one contenders. After FLWA commissioner Mike Murdoch gave it the okay, Scotty announced that the number one contenders were the High Rollers. They entered the ring, and we laid down so they could get the 1-2-3.

If you see me driving around in a brand-new car, you'll know why I did it...

J.B. and Me [07/07/01]
Wrestled J.B. Trask in singles competition last Tue. As you can read in the 05/21 entry below, it's been something I want to do. Wasn't my best match, but I think it will be better if we go against each other again.

Finally added July's calendar. I haven't been keeping up with it because they're a pain to do. You should all be getting Tim Larson's UMWN newsletter anyway.

UMWN Completes 200th Issue [06/30/01]
Congratulations go out to Tim Larson for completing the 200th issue of the Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletter.

The entire collection can be found on this site at the link above.

Interview [05/15/01]
I was interviewed by Tony D. for his website Questions for the Pros. It features over 75 interviews including Upper Midwest wrestlers Daryck St. Holmes, Colt Cabana, and Travis Lee. He also posts and has a column on the The Ring Post web site.

MPW Web Site [03/15/01]
I finally added a link for the MPW Web Site. They have the dates for all their upcoming shows, info on their training facilities, bios on all the wrestlers (including me), and photos soon to come.

Interview [02/18/01]
Dr. Darin Davis was interviewed by the Simply Hardcore Wrestling web site. Topics included starting in the business, the origin of the gimmick, the trip to Canada, and the future for Dr. Darin. Click on the link to read the interview.

Grumpy's Results [02/18/01]
Some of the subscribers of the Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletter may not have gotten the results from the 2/3 Grumpy's show because of part 1 of the newsletter getting cut off. I've updated issue #180 with the Grumpy's results, which you can find here.

Updated links.

Blame Canada [01/30/01]
A group of us went up to the Great White North last weekend to wrestle in the Winnipeg Convention center in Winnipeg, CAN. We worked for the IWA and booker Don Callis (a.k.a. Cyrus). All I have to say is it's good to be back... The group consisted of Sheriff Johnny Emerald, Shifty, Mitch Paradise, Charlie Norris, Mike & Robby Thunder, Ian & Ashley Xavier, Big Daddy Hoofer, Playboy Pete Huge, Lacey, Black Stallion, Austin Aries, and Helmut Von Strauss.

The Grumpy's show is this weekend.

Added Some Fan Pictures [01/16/01]
I added a new gallery with some pictures of fans. More to come...

Best Gimmick of 2000 [01/01/01]
Thanks to all who voted for me in the 2000 Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletter Awards. I edged out Horace the Psychopath for best gimmick of the year.

Also, congratulations to Mitch Paradise, Cruel & Unusual, Shawn Daivari, Helmut Von Strauss, and others for placing near the top in other categories. To see the entire awards results, look here.