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New Site [11/18/07]
The alternative title for this post would be "If you can read this, something's wrong" (I'll explain in a second).

I set up a new blog at WordPress. Having it be on an actual blogging site will allow me to concentrate on adding some content instead of hand-coding HTML.

How do you get to the new site? Well, the same way you got to the old site - www.drdarindavis.com. All I did was change where the .com address points to. Which means that you would have been taken to the new site automatically, rather than here reading this. Make sense?

So why am I posting this if no one is going to see it? Good question. The only reason I did it was if there were still some links out there that pointed to the actual location of this site (i.e. the place where the .com used to point), which was www.geocities.com/drdarindavis.

For those in the software programming world, it's the equivalent of putting in a code comment saying "The code should never get here, but just in case..."

Is This Thing On? [08/15/07]
Aaachoooooo!... Man I hate cobwebs...

I think it's time to knock the dust off of this site and start adding some new content. It's been a looooong time (centuries in "web years") since I've updated it.

Maybe it's nostalgia. Maybe it was seeing guys I helped train (Shawn Daivari, Austin Aries/Starr) show up on national TV. Maybe it was hitting the 10 year anniversary of when I started wresting training camp. Maybe it was watching my Google ranking sink into the toilet. (Maybe it's every year when I get the renewal notice for the domain). For whatever reason, I have the urge to rework this site.

Unfortunately, I'm also in the middle of some other projects, so it is on the back burner (at medium heat).

Back when I started this site in 1999, I don't know that the term "blog" had been coined yet. There definitely wasn't any blogging software readily available (I'm still hand-coding HTML in a text editor right now). I'd like to set this guy up so that the effort is in producing the content rather than dealing with all the technical issues.

Can't promise when I'll have it done, but most likely later this fall. Not sure exactly what I'll be putting on here, but I still remember quite a few stories that may be interesting or amusing to those inside or outside the business. I'm sure quite a few are lost, but it would be good to capture them before they have completely faded from memory.

If anyone is still out there, stay tuned.

The End [04/11/02]
From the last issue of the Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletter...

"This is the last Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletter. I would like to thank all the loyal readers who have supported me in the last 3-plus years. In addition, I sincerely want to thank those you contributed results, interviews and commentary to this newsletter, especially Steve Erickson, Tracy Thom, Jim Nelson, JPW, Loken, and Stacy McMakin. Please support indy wrestling. There are several websites I am sure will pick up the slack and most promotions have their own sites to pass along dates. Thanks again and see you at the matches. -Tim Larson"

Thank you, Tim, for providing us with our local wrestling "fix" for over 3 years.

In light of the fact that I was getting all of the show info for the Shows page from the UMWN (and I don't want to take the time to keep it updated), that page will no longer be updated. When the dates listed become the past, I'll be taking that page down. I will still continue to keep the UMWN archives on this site.

Never Use the 'R' Word [01/06/02]
Follow this link for a special announcement about my wrestling career. I put it on a separate page because of the length.

I will continue to update the UMWN archives on this site, and the Links page at a minimum. Other news and announcements will also get added from time to time. I don't know if I'll keep the Shows page up to date. I'll probably just reference the current UMWN.

UMWN Awards [01/06/02]
Congratulations to Horace the Psychopath for winning Best Gimmick in the 2001 Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletter Awards. The results can be found here.

#23 = Me [12/17/01]
Voted #23 in the list of The Midwest Wrestling Online Top 100 Workers of the year 2001 poll. Hey, how'd Tim Larson get on there???
While you're at the MWO site, check out my interview.

Big Daddy Hoofer has a new website.

We Was Robbed [12/09/01]
I lost the MIW Television Title belt to K-Train yesterday at the Main Event. The referee didn't see that he had his feet on the ropes for leverage. If I could have held onto it until Dec. 23rd, my title reign would have been 15 months.

UMWN Awards [12/04/01]
Make sure you vote for your favorites in the UMWN Awards by 12/30. I'm up again for Best Gimmick.

TV Title Retained [11/11/01]
I successfully retained the MIW TV Title on Sat., defeating Travis Sharpe. An interesting night, especially back in the locker room.

A big Get Well Soon goes out to wrestler "Livewire" Johnny Parks who showed just how tough he really is by finishing the tag match after breaking his arm about 3 minutes in.

Card Subject to Change [11/08/01]
I'm going to be taking J.R. Punisher's spot on the Main Event show this Sat. against the rookie Travis Sharpe, may he rest in peace.

When they say "Card Subject to Change", they mean it.

Updates [10/21/01]
Still the MIW TV Champ. Some say I cheated to beat Robby Thunder, but what do they know?

Added the 2001 PWI 500 list to the site. I guess I never bothered to include the list from 2000.

I had the wrong date for the SDW show in Cottage Grove. It takes place on 10/27 at 7:30pm.

Quite awhile ago, I changed the heading of the Daily Joke to the Weekly Joke. Now I've stopped kidding myself and removed the Weekly part. It gets updated periodically, but not on a week-by-week basis. It has to be a funny joke that isn't dirty, and when's the last time you've heard one of those? ;-)

Updated some of the links

One Year as TV Champ [10/04/01]
I almost forgot about this in light of all the recent events... As of September 23rd, I have been the MIW (or MWS) TV Champion for one full year. The title is on the line at the 10/13 Main Event show, so lets see if I can hold onto it for another year.

Take a look at the latest UMWN for a listing of upcoming shows. I haven't updated the calendar section for quite a while because it's such a pain. I think I'm going to change the format of those pages to something easier, but I don't know what yet. Bear with me.

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