Author: Darin Davis

Bam Neely vs. Prime Time

Since there seems to be a lot of interest in ECW’s Bam Neely (a.k.a. Hellfire, Gutts, Gutz, Magnus Maximus, etc., etc.), and not a lot of information on some of his earlier work, I went digging around to see if I had any...

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Kofi Mania is Runnin' Wild

I can’t help but feel like ECW’s Kofi Kingston is being forced on me week after week. Instead of bringing this guy in and building him up slowly (kind of like what they did for Cody Rhodes), they seem to have decided...

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It's a Me, Mario!

Okay, this isn’t wrestling related, so it’s categorized appropriately. I picked up MarioKart for the Wii yesterday. I know about 8 other people that have a Wii, and I play fairly regularly with a couple of them. We...

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"Bam Neely" Video

A previous post talked about how Chavo Guerrero’s bodyguard in ECW, named Bam Neely, used to wrestle in the Minneapolis area as Hellraiser Gutts and Hellfire, among other names. I had included a couple of screen captures...

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Wait…Back Up a Second

I missed last week’s (4/15) ECW broadcast. At least I don’t remember it. I might have fast forwarded through most of it. I started watching this week’s show and at some point they were showing a recap of some...

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