Author: Darin Davis

Art of Hyperlinking

If you do not contribute to a web site, or are not interested in web design and usability, you can skip this one. Go ahead, I won’t feel bad. Remember, we talked about this in my previous entry? I’m giving you an...

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Blog Topics

I’m struggling a bit with what types of topics to talk about on this site (or actually, what not to talk about). Of the people I’m aware of that read this, some are fans of pro wrestling, some are not (co-workers,...

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Circling the Bowl?

Let me start out by saying that I no longer follow the “insider” wrestling news in great detail on sites like (is this still THE site- not even sure anymore). I don’t keep track of when...

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One Degree of Separation?

This is the second part of a previous post about a road trip I took to a casino show with Jim Brunzell. We were driving on the way to the casino, and it came up in conversation that I’m a referee on the card. Jim asks me...

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