Below are links to some wrestling-related blog entries & articles that I found interesting during the month of February 2009, with a special highlight at the end.

Okay, now for the “special highlight”. Let me start by saying that although I like a good comedy spot now and again, I really like the kind of match that makes me “believe”, regardless of the fact that I was actually in the business and know better.

However, I found the clip of the match below from the CHIKARA promotion very entertaining. Forget that it blows the “suspension of disbelief” clear out the window and into the next county, and just enjoy.

This was the Wrestling Video of the Week #3 at Project126 (they also have another video like it in their post), and what they mentioned there I’ll say again: the video itself has not been slowed down. It will take you a few seconds to realize this, but when you do you should get a kick out of it.

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