We all know that non-wrestling media (blogs or “mainstream”) typically get anything related to wrestling wrong. So it should be no surprise that when a kid in Australia was suspended for putting some kind of move on a bully, they got it wrong again. One site referred to the move as a “body slam” (which it wasn’t), and another referred to as a “jackknife powerbomb” (which it wasn’t either, although this was closer). See the video here.

Am I asking too much? Probably, although someone who actually knows that there is such a thing as a jackknife powerbomb should know what it looks like.

So here’s our chance to set the record straight. Since the maneuver seemed kind of random (like what a 3 year old would do with a cat), it might be hard to match this up with an actual pro wrestling move. Still, it seems like I’ve seen something similar before.

Got any ideas? You might want to consult Wikipedia, or The Big, Big, Book of Wrestling Moves, or this other site. If you come up with anything, leave it in the comments.

And remember kids, don’t try this kind of stuff at home… or at school. Leave it to the professionals like Casey.

Photo: JT Draws