I’m going to continue to keep track of how much of the weekly TV wrestling programs I watch, but I’m no longer going put those long postings and detailed graphs on the main page.

I created a new page/tab at the top of this blog for the TV viewership information. I’ll update it about once a week with the latest data, and probably just post a brief notice that it’s been updated.

I’ve been reading a few more things recently about blog formats and site designs. One thing I’ve tried to do in the past that it looks like I’ve gotten away from is mix up longer and shorter postings. I’m also trying to mix up some of the quicker news-related items (like the Daivari title win) with stories that are longer and specific to this site, like the training camp stuff.

I took a look at the main page and imagined what someone coming here for the first time would think. All I saw was extremely long postings of interviews and then a whole crap-ton of graphs. What’s up with the graphs? Isn’t this a wrestling site?

There were some decent (in my opinion) postings that got bumped off the main page because of some of this stuff, and to some people it might not be immediately clear that those are still available with a mouse click or two.

The advantage of having it a separate page is that it doesn’t get in the way of the normal flow of information posted here. People who are actually interested in that information can have a look at it. Everyone else doesn’t have to scroll past it. The only disadvantage I can think of is that it doesn’t show up in the RSS feed for the site when it’s updated. Posting a notice should take care of that issue, though.