After forming what wrestling critics were calling “The Tag Team of the ’90s”, and what wrestling fans across the world were comparing to the “classic” tag teams of the Orient Express, The Dynamic Dudes, and the Ding Dongs, the team of Double Penetration (pictured below) split apart when “Playboy” Pete HUGE decided he would be more successful on his own.

The breakup lead to a singles match between the two for the St. Paul Championship Wrestling (SPCW) promotion in the West St. Paul, MN armory on March 25th of 2000. The nine year anniversary of this historic event will be commemorated next week by a three bell salute on WWE Monday Night Raw, just before they go to air.

Tag Team of the 90's
Tag Team of the 90’s

Notice that even in the video Davis is clinging to the tag team picture that he had just ordered 500 copies of.


The video is in two parts since I couldn’t bear to trim out enough to make it under the YouTube 10 minute limit. Enjoy.

*Video, commentary, and photograph credit:  Tim Larson