Below are links to some wrestling-related blog entries & articles that I found interesting during the month of August 2009.

  • Stunt Granny: TNA makes some creative changes; still sucks. — Lost Dutch Mantel, but Russo is still there
  • Ricky Ortiz ReleasedWWE cuts loose another one from the roster. I wasn’t a fan of his.
  • Rantables: Dropping Like FliesDiscussion of the recent injuries in the WWE and what “Creative” might do about it.
  • Rantables: #38 — Really, Vince?Discussion of McMahon‘s frustrations with the company’s “inability to create new stars.” While I’ve never been a fan of Eugene, but I agree that Vince still tries to promote the big “muscleheads” over the smaller guys with the talent.
  • The 450 Splash: Another WWE ReleaseGoodbye Eugene. Hey, I was just talking about you…
  • Kurt Angle Arrested/Kurt Angle Is InnocentI bookmarked this story back on 8/16/09, but by the time I put together this post the headline on the site had changed from “Wrestler Kurt Angle Arrested“, to “Attorney: Kurt Angle Is Innocent“. Why wouldn’t the update have been filed as a separate story? Maybe by the time you read this, the headline will be “Kurt Angle Cleared of All Charges“, or “Jeff Jarrett Sleeping With Kurt Angle’s Ex-Wife“.
  • Variety: WWE Added to Talkshow CircuitOh, boy… I’ll comment on this in a separate post when I get around to it. The WWE wants to be one of the stops on celebrity publicity tours, in between Letterman, Conan, and Regis & Kelly. On one hand it seems like a brilliant idea. On the other hand it can only lead to problems because it makes the product worse tailoring the show to the celebrity.
  • Stunt Granny: Vince Wants His Own Cable NetworkWith a library of over 100,000 hours of programming, Vince McMahon wants to start his own basic cable network to showcase it.
  • Wresting DVD Reviews: The Rise and Fall of WCWReview of the latest from the WWE. Sounds like there are a good set of matches, but the documentary part tends to “rewrite history” and leaves a lot to be desired.

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