Since there seems to be a lot of interest in ECW‘s Bam Neely (a.k.a. Hellfire, Gutts, Gutz, Magnus Maximus, etc., etc.), and not a lot of information on some of his earlier work, I went digging around to see if I had any footage of some early matches.

Turns out it would have been easier for me to create a Claymation re-enactment of this match than to dig through a pile of tapes to find it. Should have done a better job of indexing this stuff.

As I think I mentioned before, both he and Prime Time had initially trained with another wrestling promoter and had a few matches before coming to Eddie Sharkey and Terry Fox‘s training camp. I believe this was their first match after switching to Sharkey.

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This match originally aired on “Slick” Mick’s Bodyslam Review, hosted by Mick Karch and produced by Al Pabon.