Colt Cabana (a.k.a. Scotty Goldman)

Colt Cabana (a.k.a. Scotty Goldman)

Over the last month or so, a couple of familiar faces have turned up in the major promotions. I talked about Daivari (a.k.a Sheik Abdul Bashir) a couple of weeks ago. Another guy from the upper midwest showed up on Smackdown. He’s from the Chicago area and used to wrestle up here for Ed Hellier‘s Steel Domain Wrestling (SDW).  That person is Colt Cabana, who is now known in the WWE as Scotty Goldman.

The SDW booking done by Danny Dominion and Ace Steel from Chicago, and Ed. A couple of car loads of workers would make the trek up from ChiTown about once a month. Cabana, Dominion, Steel, Adrian Lynch, Daryck St. Holmes, and some guy by the name of C.M. Punk. Heard of him?

Since Goldman is now on national TV, I thought I would post an interview he did back in 2000.

The following interview was conducted by Tim Larson, who used to publish the Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletter. Other issues of the newsletter can be found at the UMWN Archives page.

I wonder if Goldman got his last name because of the Gold Bond powder he always used to dump down his shorts? 😉

Colt Cabana

October 11, 2000
20 Questions

1. How and when did you get in the wrestling business?

After realizing that my glorious college football career wasn’t taking me anywhere, I decided to enroll with the Steel Domain in April, 1999.

2. Describe Colt Cabana, the wrestler, to us.

In terms of gimmick, whether I’m heeling or facing, Colt Cabana is a cocky, arogant, smartass prick.  I put personal touches into my character.  Many things that just reflect dumb things I do outside the ring.  That way, I get to live my gimmick.  In terms of wrestling style, I consider myself an old school wrestler who likes to spice it up with some new school creativity and innovation.

3. What are your strengths in the wrestling business?

I think my biggest strength is the ability to listen and learn.  I’m always looking for things that will allow me to perform better the next time out.  I think if you have those two elements, then you’re already a step above the rest.  I also feel that I can add things to the wrestling business, like Goldbond lotion and Goldbond powder.

4. What have been your top athletic accomplishments other than professional wrestling?

I played 2 years of high school basketball, 2 years of high school baseball, and 4 years of high school football.  I also played 1 year of college football at Western Michigan.  I also play a mean game of Twiddly winks and went to the nationals in Shoots and Ladders.

5. Who is your favorite all-time wrestler?

I don’t really think I have one personal all-time favorite.  As a kid I really dug guys like Mr. Perfect, Ric Flair, Vader, and Outback Jack.  Now a day I enjoy watching anyone I can watch and learn from.

6. What is the best match you’ve ever had?

Two matches come to mind.  The first one is versus CM Punk in South St. Paul this summer.  We both went out on kind of a lackadaisical show and worked the opener in about a twenty-minute match.  We were both happy with it.  We both got the tape about three months later and we both were in love with the match.  Everything in that match just flew.  We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary or silly.  It was just Punk and I clicking like we always do.  The second would be a match I had with Chris Hero in Louisville for IWA.  I was extremely happy with it afterwards, but have yet to see the tape.  So until I get the tape, I’ll go with the Punk match from SPCW.

7. What is the first card you ever saw live?

I’d only go to WWF cards at the Rosemont Horizon when I was a kid.  I still have the program in my room with Hillbilly Jim on the front.  It was 1985.  All I remember is Terry Funk vs. JYD and Hogan vs. Piper.  I was four or five at the time.

8. What is the best match you ever saw live?

To be honest with you as a kid going to the matches, I don’t so much remember the content of the matches, just the amazement of the whole show and the wrestlers.  There really isn’t anything that has ever stood out that was more mindblowing than the other.

9. Quick comments …

a)  Danny Dominion:

Danny is my trainer and one half of the biggest influence on my career.  Him and Ace have taught me everything I know.  There’s not enough appreciation I could give him.  It’s also a complete shame that he doesn’t have a job with a contract right now.

b) Ian Rotten:

I worked about 10 shows this summer down in Louisville working for Ian.  I enjoyed every experience.  Ian was nothing but respectful and I learned a lot from him and I will continue to.  I’m very proud to be on his roster and I’m always excited whenever we meet at the Jewel and head down to Chuckstown.

c) Dave Prazak

Prazak is the only manager I’ve ever had.  I can’t believe he started the Pop Rocks Mafia.  I’m very glad I have Dave as a friend.  He got me a spot down south for IWA and I’m appreciative of that.  I always look forward to doing road trips and shows with Dave.  I think he adds something unique to the independent scene that that couldn’t be done by anyone else.

d) Ace Steel

Ace is my trainer and one half of the biggest influences on my career.  Again, him and Danny taught me everything I know.  I always seem to get the jitters when I watch Ace work.  He really makes pro wrestling an artform.  I hate when he holds practice sessions at KFC though.  Him and Danny would just light some of these workers up who are currently on TV  In due time.

e) Adam Pearce

Thought Goldbond was a rib, what a fool.  Adam represents the Midwest.  There’s nothing like pulling a rib with Adam.  Between Him, Ace, and Dominion, it doesn’t get any better.  He’s helped me a lot with what to do in and out of the ring.  He’s got a mad future ahead of him.  I’m excited to see where it takes him.

f) CM Punk


g) Rikki Noga

Noga’s not a day over 19 and he works that way too.  I love the guy’s humor.  Done a lot of trips with him.  His armdrags are crazystyle.  Best I’ve seen on an indy show.  I thought his match with Pearce was awesome.

h) Hellraiser Gutts/Hellfire

I’m glad I got the opportunity to work Gutts.  His future should be bright.  He has a great look.  Look forward to doing shows and working with him again.

i) CM Punk

Due to my brother being a vegan, Punk and I had something in common to start off.  I guess at the gym, we’re called brothers.  You don’t find a friend like Punk everyday.  I think he’s got a gimmick that hasn’t been done and could find its place somewhere big in a couple years.  I look forward to growing old with Punk in the wrestling business.  I also look forward to putting Bacardi Limon in his 15 waterbottles that he caries around in his dufflebag of a backpack

j) Minnesota Workers

There seems to be a ton of great talent in Minnesota  I wish that I ‘d been able to work some of those guys in SPCW.  Hopefully in the future I’ll get the opportunity to do so.

k) Dale Gagner

I enjoy working Dale’s shows a lot.  He’s taken such an unprofitable business like Independent Wrestling and makes a living at it.  He’s proof there’s money to make in this business.  He’s also an extremely nice guy and looks after the boys.

l) Justin Roberts

Justin has a very talented voice and a knack for doing what he does.  I think he would’ve been great at announcing American Gladiators or BattleBots.  His business knowledge will allow him to do what he wants in the wrestling business.

m) Carmine DeSpirito

I’m not gonna pull a Scott Free on Carmine or nothing.  I think Carmine has helped me a lot in this business without even knowing it.  He lit the first real spark under my ass.  He’s pushed me to work harder in the weightroom, in the ring, and in just overall wrestling.  I know he’s got a great product and he’s starting to pan out a great crew of workers(GBM).

n) Eric Priest

Wish I had a build like Priest.  He’s got a wrestling mind and if he wants, it can take him far.  Now only if we can make Priest a little more MTV and a little less VH1.

o) Daryck St. Holmes

Who doesn’t love this guy.  There’s nothing like getting in the ring with Daryck before a show and chaining around.  I too, just like everyone else, love the gimmick and the old haircut.

p) Chuck E. Smooth

One of the better gimmicks in Indy Wrestling.  It’s amazing the random knowledge of wrestling Chucky has.  Just met Chuckie maybe 4 months ago and we have quickly become good friends.  Chuckey and I share a lot of the same views and I look forward to doing tons of more road trips with him, Prazak, and the rest of the squad. I think instead of wearing the half shirt to cover up his third nipple, he should use it with the gimmick.

q) Len Walker

Len’s new to the area.  He’s got an awesome build with an even better tan.  He’s a funny guy with awkward views on life.  He’s improved a lot and can only get better with time.

r) Ed Hellier

If only Ed would start serving nutcocktails at the shows instead of just at BW3’s.  SPCW shows are the shows I look forward to doing the most.  Every time we go up to Minnesota, Ed has prepared a great show with a great atmosphere.  He’s a super nice guy that has found a niche in the Minnesota wrestling scene.  I’m still waiting for SPCW to be the talk of the Independent world.

s) Vic Capri

I’ve worked with Vic on a couple occasions and even tagged with him.  He’s a little sparkplug with one hell of a build and look.  He’s very innovative and him and Reigns work real well together.

t) Ray Whebbe

Whebster!!!  He’s shared some interesting views with me and I always look forward to see what he’s got to say next.  He’s got some pimped hats.  Ray, I’ll do the serial killer gimmick in NY, cool?

u) Sheik Adnon Al-Kassie

Only worked on a couple shows with the Sheik.  Can’t say much about him, except I’m jealous of his tan.

v) Jason Reign

Just worked that one SPCW show with him.  Don’t know him too well.  He seemed like a real nice guy though.  I think he really likes roadtrips.

w) Dino Bambino

I’ve seemed to work on shows with Dino throughout my whole career, but have never seemed to get to know him too well.  I wish he wouldn’t be so quiet.  Um, yeah, that shooting star press to the outside onto Punk. Hands down craziest/smoothest thing I’ve ever seen.  Just beat out working with midgets in the smooth category.

x) Adrian Lynch

Another guy I’ve done a lot of shows with, yet I don’t know too well.  He’s been always real nice to me though and I enjoy watching his matches.  Good for him on the trim job too.

y) Michigan Independents

I’ve been living in Michigan for the last two years and will continue to do so for another two years.  I’ve worked a lot of shows on the Michigan scene and there’s just nothing that catches anyone’s eye.  It’s a territory that needs to be captured.  Hopefully someone will come to Michigan, save this place, and put on some standout shows.

z) Chris Hero

Chris represents the Midwest through Ohio.  He’s done an unbelievable job of self promoting and getting his name “out there”.  I had the opportunity to work with Chris twice and I think he’s an outstanding talent.  I consider Chris a good friend and I’m excited to see what other random places we’ll meet up at in the future.

10. What has been the highlight of your wrestling career so far?

The wrestling is a dream come true, but the highlight so far has to be the friendships that have came out of wrestling.  I’ve made some friends in this business that will last when my wrestling career is far and gone.  That’s a highlight in itself.  I guess that’s a tie with working with midgets also.

11. What has been the low point of your career?

There haven’t been any low points in my career.  An unfortunate situation would have to be a certain omicbookCa onventionCa.  I guess that turned out all right though because the Mafia did form in a smooth line dance in the middle of the ring.

12. Who would you really want to work with locally and nationally that you haven’t?

Locally, I would like to work singles matches with Ace Steel, Adam Pearce, and Bastion Booger (Michigan).  I also think I could learn a lot from working with Jonnie Stewart.  Nationally, I guess them all?  A couple in particular would be Shane Douglas or Dean Malenko.

13. Who has been the biggest influence on you in the business?

Danny Dominion and Ace Steel.

14. What do you “mark out” for in the wrestling business?

I really “mark out” for wrestlers who wear trunks and boots.  In a day of wrestling where everyone has on jeans and a T-Shirt, it’s a breath of fresh air when Simon Diamond or Shane Douglas come out and look like a true pro wrestlers.

15. How much time do you spend on wrestling each week?

I’d say most of my week.  I don’t think there’s a time that goes by that if I’m not working out in the gym or in the ring, that I’m not making contacts,  talking/ watching wrestling, or discussing wrestling with the boys.  It’s taken over my life.  I wish school was as easy as wrestling.

16. What is the one thing that surprised you most about the wrestling business?

Nothing surprising is really coming to mind.  If you want I can always surprise someone with a one-eared elephant, if that’s what you mean?

17. Give us a brief summary of your career.

Started as a “GOON” for Randy Ricci’s NAWF.  From there the Cabana gimmick was produced and has been working around the whole Midwest for promotions like SPCW, AWA, IWA, PWF, and CWM.  My career has really started to develop and blossom in the past six months.  It must be the blonde hair.

18. What is the one thing you would most like to improve on?

My mic skills.  Going down to IWA has allowed me to use the mic a lot more and become compfortable with the stick.  It’s not where it needs to be though and I’d like to improve this particular skill.

19. If you could book one match, what would it be?

CM Punk vs. Lord Littlebrook.  They would go broadway and Littlebrook will gig Punk and pull the tights for the duke.

20. What is your goal in wrestling in the next year?

In the next year I intend on wrestling in states like Pittsburgh, Ohio, and somewhere out East.  My goal is to get as good as I can and then proceed to get better.  I’m really looking forward to the upcoming year and seeing what kind of opportunities come my way.