The good news: we got to see Lenny Lane on ECW this week.

The bad news: it was a squash match

Rather than let the memory of Lenny in a squash linger, or to let the words of color commentator Matt Striker,  saying Lane was “…trying to make a name for himself here in ECW…” , be the most recent ones people remember, I dug out a video from more than 10 years ago to share with everyone. I guess Striker “forgot” that Lane had competed in ECW in the past, or that he had been a champion in WCW beating the likes of Rey Mysterio (jr.) and Ultimo Dragon.

This is a match between “Luscious” Lenny Lane (with manager Mortimer Plumbtree) and the Kamikazee Kid. These two had a great feud back in the Northern Premier Wresting (NPW) promotion.

The match takes place in Austin, MN, which is the hometown of Kamikazee and it originally aired on “Slick” Mick’s Bodyslam Review. The match was already joined in progress, so rather than editing it further to try to get it under the YouTube 10 min limit I broke it into two parts.

A note for the squeamish– “There Will be Blood”.

Part 1

Part 2

Commentary: “Slick” Mick Karch & Tom “The Bear” (and J.B. Trask)
Referee: Mike Diamond
Producer/Camera: Al Pabon