I think Evan Bourne being out of action for possibly the next few months will affect the already low amount of time I spend watching ECW. His matches were definitely ones that I wouldn’t fast forward through.

Other than having to sit on the sidelines when you are on a hot streak and being given a major push in the promotion, what’s the worst part of severely injuring your right ankle in a match? Having to sell the left one because that’s what your opponent(s) are beating on.

If you didn’t see the tag team match on ECW last week, Bourne did a somersault outside the ring on Bam Neely (another shameless plug for Bam) and came down wrong on this right ankle (we’d later find out that it was a dislocated ankle and ligament tear). After the injury, he finished out the rest of the match with his opponents working over his left leg for the duration. I was cringing watching it because I was aware that it was the wrong wheel. And I knew that to do a good job selling the left leg he would have stop using it. So for about ten minutes he had to hop around on his dislocated, torn right ankle to let everyone know how badly the left one had been pummelled.