Sheik Abdul BashirI feel like I’m just recycling the same story. At the TNA Pay-Per-View last Sunday (didn’t see it), Sheik Abdul Bashir lost the X-Division championship belt after some interference by referee Shane Sewell. After all the chaos, TNA declared the title vacant and started a tournament for the X-Division title on this week’s TNA Impact TV show. They also saw fit to eliminate Bashir in the first round of the tournament to ensure that he won’t get it back.

I’m not sure what’s going on here. Apparently they only wanted him champion for a short time, but why didn’t they just put the belt up for grabs after the last time this happened? Why have him win it, then lose-win-lose in the span of a few weeks? Are they planning on doing something with Sewell that they needed him to be bludgeoned by Bashir?