Here’s a summary of what the WWE announced during their supplemental draft yesterday. These were draft choices that were made in addition to those announced on Monday Night Raw.

Monday Night Raw

The Monday Night Raw program gains the following WWE Superstars:

+Brie and Nikki Bella

+THE Brian Kendrick


+Carlito and Primo


+Chavo Guerrero

+Mr. Kennedy

and loses the following Superstars:

Charlie Haas

Dolph Ziggler

Cryme Time

DH Smith


Candice Michelle

Mike Knox

Other than Knox (and Candice before the last couple of injuries), Raw doesn’t really lose anything. They gain Kendrick and Kennedy (who I thought was already part of Raw but since he’s been out so long I couldn’t remember).

It’s good to see a “little person” can still hold down a job in this economy, but enough with the Hornswoggle please. What is he going to do on his own without Finlay? What is Festus going to do without Jesse?

And DH Smith is still on the payroll? What does he do during the 6 months between TV appearances?


The ECW program gains the following WWE Superstars:

+Hurricane Helms


+DH Smith

+Zak Ryder

+Ezekiel Jackson

and loses the following Superstars:

John Morrison


Ricky Ortiz

Alicia Fox

ECW loses more than they gain, especially if you count the loss of CM Punk from the televised draft. Jackson has potential, though.


The Smackdown program gains the following WWE Superstars:

+Charlie Haas

+Dolph Ziggler

+Cryme Time

+John Morrison



+Mike Knox

+Alicia Fox

and loses the following Superstars:

Brie and Nikki Bella

Hurricane Helms

THE Brian Kendrick



Carlito and Primo

Chavo Guerrero

Zack Ryder

Ezekiel Jackson

Mr. Kennedy

This could be a wash. Gain Knox and Morrison. Lose Kendrick, (the sometimes present) Kennedy, and Jackson.

The supplemental draft probably won’t make a big shift in my viewing habits of these programs. They seem to rotate people around unofficially anyway (especially in the last month or so where Miz & Morrison wrestled Carlito & Primo on every show).

The only thing I know for sure is that I’m not planning on tracking any viewing stats on the new WWE program on WGN that starts this week. 7 hours of wrestling a week is more than enough for me.