The site has been recently moved to a different host. You might notice a slight change in appearance, but I think everything else is the same.

A few things came together where it seemed like the right time to make the move. Some renewals were coming due, I wanted to get past using the “training wheels” of, and Yahoo! will be shutting down all of the sites hosted on Geocities in the next couple of weeks.

Geocities had been the host of my old, old site for about 10 years. For nostalgia purposes I wanted to preserve it in all its dusty, moldy, Web 0.5 glory. So I moved it along with my current blog over to a new location. Ended up being a little trickier than I thought, but we got here in one piece.

If you subscribe via RSS feed, it may take a little while before your feedreader catches up. The feed is at the same location, but it was broken for a while during the move and sometimes it takes a bit to refresh.

For those that still reference the Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletters from time to time, you’ll be happy to know that they also made the transition just fine. They can be found in the usual spot through the UMWN Archive tab at the top.