Former multi-time AWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel used to say that while sleeping, he would occasionally lift one shoulder up to avoid a pinfall during the night. It’s a tough thing for wrestlers to deal with. You’re half conscious lying on your back and you aren’t sure if you are in a strange hotel room somewhere, or if you are lying in the center of the ring after taking a stiff shot to the head. Better lift that shoulder just to be safe.

Well folks, you no longer need to rely on veteran skills, ring awareness, or the muscle memory of Nick Bockwinkel to avoid a 3 count. Japanese gadget maker Banpresto is coming out with the GONG! Pro Wrestling Ring Bell Alarm Clock.

Wrestling Alarm ClockI’m not sure what the actual product name is (it’s all Japanese to me), but that’s what I’d call it.

When it’s time to get up, the referee starts the pin count. 1…2… If he gets to three before you lift your shoulder (and reach over, grab the hammer, and smack the crap out of the ring bell), your alarm will go off– ringing the bell for some unspecified period of time.

Hard to know what this thing is going to be like. The photo appears to be concept art, and this thing could be the size of my thumb for all I know. It’s only being made available in Japan, but apparently you can order from an importer like for about $45 USD (I think that includes shipping from Japan to them, but not to your house). For those that have watched Japanese wrestling, you’ll remember that the referees count in English, so you shouldn’t have to learn a second language to use this.

They also have a boxing version, but everyone knows boxing is rigged, so why would you want that?