This was a “pre-med” match (i.e. it was prior to the birth of my “doctor” persona created in Dec 1998). Brad Kohler came from the MMA arena, where he worked for such organizations as the UFC, IFC, and RINGS. As a professional wrestler, Kohler specialized in suplexes and submission holds. Kohler started his pro wrestling career in Minnesota and trained with Eddie Sharkey and Terry Fox. I was in training camp when he arrived.

This was Kohler’s debut match as a pro wrestler, and the first of three matches he would have against me.

Promotion: Wrestle America 2000 (WA2K)
Location: Community Center- Crystal, MN
Referee: Eddie Sharkey

Ring announcer: Christian Dady
Commentators: “Slick” Mick Karch, Christian Dady