This was a “pre-med” match (i.e. it was prior to the birth of my “doctor” persona created in Dec 1998). “K-Train” Kraig Karger was also trained by the legendary Eddie Sharkey and by Terry Fox. Despite the feud, we shared a mutual respect, work ethic, and a common desire to entertain the crowd.

It was the first of more than a half-dozen matches we would have, and my matches with him were some of my best. K-Train was also the opponent in my last professional match in 2001 (well, except for when I was in the Roberts Rumble in 2009… and when I came back for a stint of seven matches in 2015… and that one match in 2017).

[Also of note, Mick Karch trying to get me to start using the moniker of “The Professor” throughout the match. I resisted, and the doctor gimmick gimmick was conceived a few months later]

Promotion: French Lake Wrestling Association (FLWA)
Location: Civic Center- Buffalo, MN
Referee: Kelly Three-Clouds

Ring announcer: Christian Dady
Commentators: “Slick” Mick Karch, Christian Dady, Dale Spear