Below are links to some wrestling-related blog entries & articles that I found interesting during the month of November 2009.

  • Carnage Chronicles: Wrestling 101 — Jerry Jarrett writes about how the “Art of Professional Wrestling” has been lost, and comments about what has happened in TNA since he started it in 2002.
    I hope he’s right about Hogan and Bitchoff (intentionally misspelled) “turning TNA around”, but I doubt it.
    You can read my thoughts on that in a previous post (It’s WCW All Over Again)
  • City Pages: Hulk Hogan InterviewCity Pages interviews Hogan about his book and how his life is going down the crapper.
  • Stunt Granny: Ric Flair Getting Married AgainWTF? Flair is getting married for the fourth time. Maybe he should listen to some of his shoot interviews first, where he talks about some of his previous wives bleeding him dry in divorces.
  • The Inno View: “I Respect You, Bookerman!”A look back at Brian Pillman
  • WrestleZone: Hogan vs. Flair in Australia — Three pictures from the Hulkamania tour of Australia featuring Hogan & Flair. I really figured Flair would stay retired, but I guess he has to save up some cash for his next divorce.
  • Missouri Wrestling Revival: Welcome To Wrestling — Former Harley Race Wrestling Academy instructor Matt Murphy is writing a series of articles about the insides of pro wrestling. They include topics like training, creating characters, booking, and running TV. There are 11 chapters so far, but the link above is for the first one. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to navigate from one to the other except to do a search for “chapter” (or something similar).
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