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Minnesota independent pro wrestler discusses past experiences and the current state of pro wrestling


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RunnerJust happened to run across this story in the local Minneapolis paper the StarTribune (not sure how long the link will work) while I was waiting for some maintenance to get done on my car. I  saw him again on the local cable newscast Channel 12 later tonight (there is also a video at that link).

Former wrestler, referee, and fellow Eddie Sharkey/Terry Fox trainee (from my “era” in the camp), B.J. Van Beusekom is going to be attempting a 93 mile run in a 24-hour period starting this coming Monday, Feb 2nd.

He worked as referee B.J. Van Buren (maybe as his real name- I always thought it was Van Buren), and under a mask as wrestler Drej.

His run is being performed on a treadmill indoors. Between weather, road conditions, and staying hydrated and nourished it probably makes sense to be inside. Not sure the benefit of the treadmill vs. a running track other than maybe to keep the right pace (and be able to watch TV!). Sounds like he is figuring in a couple of naps too. If he was outside and he wanted to run 40 miles and then take a nap, his bed would be 40 miles away. That’s either a big problem or a punchline to an old joke.

The American Lung Association is getting 100% of any money raised, and they are hoping that some people will come out to the Athletic Performance Inc Training Center in Brooklyn Center, MN between noon Monday 2/2 and noon Tues 2/3 and cheer him on, donate, or both.

Update (2/4/09): B.J. completed about 80 miles in a 24 hour period- the equivalent of about 3 marathons. He got some airtime again on Channel 12 news (see previous link above) and coverage in another StarTribune article. According to the article he seemed to be feeling okay, other than having tightness in his legs.

Congratulations B.J.!

Josh over at Missouri Wrestling Revival has announced a special writing competition for the summer of 2008.

The theme is “Improving the Midwest Pro Wrestling Scene”. The competition is open to all wrestlers, promoters, and fans in Missouri and the bordering states.

From the site:

We want to hear your open, honest, professional solutions to the problems faced by professional wrestling promotions in the Midwest. Whether you are a wrestling fan, promoter, wrestler, or otherwise connected to the business, MWR knows you have ideas that can revitalize wrestling in the area. If you have solutions to the challenges that pro wrestling promotions face, then create a memorable essay that offers these solutions in a professional and thought-provoking way. Your goal should be to cause a strong positive reaction from all readers, regardless of his or her wrestling background.

A portion of the entry fee will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, which “seeks to assist those men and women of our armed forces who have been severely injured during the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations around the world.”

The deadline for submissions is July 31st. See the site for details.