Category: Site news

Site maintenance

I’m experimenting with a new WordPress theme. Normally I would have a local install to play around with, but I haven’t had that set up for several years, so I’ll be messing with the live site. If things look a...

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Technical Difficulties

Apparently something broke in the site theme I was using. There are no problems with viewing postings on the main page, but when you went to each article individually the formatting and comment system was broken. Not sure when...

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Site Update

The site has been recently moved to a different host. You might notice a slight change in appearance, but I think everything else is the same. A few things came together where it seemed like the right time to make the move. Some...

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Blog Topics

I’m struggling a bit with what types of topics to talk about on this site (or actually, what not to talk about). Of the people I’m aware of that read this, some are fans of pro wrestling, some are not (co-workers,...

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New Site

I’m relaunching as a new blog (this one). It will probably be a good month or so before I’ve got most of what I want over here, so be patient. Not sure how long I will keep the old site going, but at...

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