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Dr. Darin Davis

Minnesota independent pro wrestler discusses past experiences and the current state of pro wrestling


Category: Site news

Apparently something broke in the site theme I was using. There are no problems with viewing postings on the main page, but when you went to each article individually the formatting and comment system was broken.

Not sure when it happened, but probably after upgrading WordPress.

I switched over to a different theme that worked with the latest version. I’ll probably tweak it over the next few weeks and see if I like it.

The site has been recently moved to a different host. You might notice a slight change in appearance, but I think everything else is the same.

A few things came together where it seemed like the right time to make the move. Some renewals were coming due, I wanted to get past using the “training wheels” of, and Yahoo! will be shutting down all of the sites hosted on Geocities in the next couple of weeks.

Geocities had been the host of my old, old site for about 10 years. For nostalgia purposes I wanted to preserve it in all its dusty, moldy, Web 0.5 glory. So I moved it along with my current blog over to a new location. Ended up being a little trickier than I thought, but we got here in one piece.

If you subscribe via RSS feed, it may take a little while before your feedreader catches up. The feed is at the same location, but it was broken for a while during the move and sometimes it takes a bit to refresh.

For those that still reference the Upper Midwest Wrestling Newsletters from time to time, you’ll be happy to know that they also made the transition just fine. They can be found in the usual spot through the UMWN Archive tab at the top.

I switched over to Google Docs to keep track of the wrestling TV viewing habits that I’ve been publishing here for a few months. One of the advantages is that the Google spreadsheet makes it easy to publish the charts using the same links every week. That means after watching a program I can put in the new numbers, update the chart, and it will immediately appear on this blog without me having to do anything else. No more offline spreadsheet. No more uploading of image files, etc. No more modifying links to point to the new images.

The only downside so far is that the Google office app is pretty weak in the charting area. In fact to get them all using the same scale I had to artificially put in a trend line of 100% to force it to come out the same. Hopefully they’ll improve this over time.

Since it’s pretty easy to update them, I’ll be doing it several times a week rather than waiting until the end (or the end of the month like I used to do). Most likely I won’t post anything here when I do an update. You can just go to the TV Viewership page whenever you want to see the latest data.

If I add any new metrics, like the number of annoying poses Matt Morgan does per match, I’ll let you know.

I’m going to continue to keep track of how much of the weekly TV wrestling programs I watch, but I’m no longer going put those long postings and detailed graphs on the main page.

I created a new page/tab at the top of this blog for the TV viewership information. I’ll update it about once a week with the latest data, and probably just post a brief notice that it’s been updated.

I’ve been reading a few more things recently about blog formats and site designs. One thing I’ve tried to do in the past that it looks like I’ve gotten away from is mix up longer and shorter postings. I’m also trying to mix up some of the quicker news-related items (like the Daivari title win) with stories that are longer and specific to this site, like the training camp stuff.

I took a look at the main page and imagined what someone coming here for the first time would think. All I saw was extremely long postings of interviews and then a whole crap-ton of graphs. What’s up with the graphs? Isn’t this a wrestling site?

There were some decent (in my opinion) postings that got bumped off the main page because of some of this stuff, and to some people it might not be immediately clear that those are still available with a mouse click or two.

The advantage of having it a separate page is that it doesn’t get in the way of the normal flow of information posted here. People who are actually interested in that information can have a look at it. Everyone else doesn’t have to scroll past it. The only disadvantage I can think of is that it doesn’t show up in the RSS feed for the site when it’s updated. Posting a notice should take care of that issue, though.

I’m struggling a bit with what types of topics to talk about on this site (or actually, what not to talk about). Of the people I’m aware of that read this, some are fans of pro wrestling, some are not (co-workers, relatives, friends). A few have actually been involved in wrestling, most have not. A few have their own blogs or sites, most do not.

This blog is primarily for posting my experiences as an independent professional wrestler in the Minneapolis area, and secondarily to share some of my opinions of the wrestling promotions and telecasts of today.

There are other things I am interested in that some of the readers might share, but I won’t be discussing them in detail here. To help myself figure out what would be considered “off-topic”, I came up with a list of topics I will not be covering on this blog. There are countless other web sites that do a much better job in these areas than I ever could. I thought the list might be worth sharing.

Things That You Won’t See In-Depth Coverage On:

  • My personal diary (a.k.a. What I had for breakfast)
  • Software development
  • Personal finance
  • Video games
  • Computers, electronics
  • Home remodeling
  • Web site design/development

While each of these topics may be of interest to a few of you, I think including a lot of information on any of those topics ends up diluting the main purpose stated above.

While I believe it’s a good idea to define a central purpose, I think an occasional post about a topic like the ones above, if it seems relevant, is okay. For example, I ran across a decent post on another blog about effectively using hyperlinks in a posting that I was thinking of sharing. When I was working on a previous post, I was putting in what felt like too many hyperlinks, which can sometimes make articles hard to read. Reading some of the suggestions will change the way I post in the future. The information may also be useful to those that have their own sites. While that it may be a minority of the readers I know about, the trend seems to be that a larger percentage of internet users will have their own blogs.

If I do decide to post something slightly off-topic, I’ll set it to a category other than wrestling so those that don’t care about it can filter it out using the category choices that I’ll put on the right-hand side of the page. I also recognize that some of the blogs I read for a specific purpose are more enjoyable when they have something interesting that is seemingly random, which I may decide to do from time-to-time (e.g. comments about facial hair) and categorize appropriately.

It’s starting to sound like I’m contradicting myself already. I guess what I’m saying is don’t expect to see the topics above on a regular basis, but don’t be surprised if they pop up once in awhile.

I’m relaunching as a new blog (this one). It will probably be a good month or so before I’ve got most of what I want over here, so be patient.

Not sure how long I will keep the old site going, but at least until I’ve got things chugging along here you can still access all of the previous content at the old location: